Thursday, April 30, 2009

A day at Waterfront

Dawson was wanting outta there!
Tobi couldn't get enough of fetch in the water.
Look what Chase found!

Throw me higher Uncle Brian.
A moment away from collecting cans, Johnny loves on Uncle Todd.
Ashlyn got highest on the rope swing.

A beautiful day for some dutch oven cookin'...Dr. Pepper Chicken and Mississippi Mud cake for dessert!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slam dunk!

Steve slammin'

Nana slammin'
Chase doing his reverse slam dunk...sweet!
Court slammin'

Quinn's first ferry ride in Seattle!

Underground Seattle Tour

You can see in this picture the walkway above, these very old purple glass squares were awesome. You could see and hear people walking by.

Only Brian would try to feed a bird from his mouth, I was ready with the camera, but no luck.

Our very own Tom and Jerry.

Favorite picture of the day!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Courtney and Ashlyn's Piano Recital

We had the piano recital at our house. It was a short, sweet time and they did a great job!
They love their piano teacher, Rose.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I was able to go to the play "Wicked" for the first time on a girls weekend. I loved it!! It is now my favorite play ever. I have probably seen Wizard of Oz over 100 times in my life...this play tells the story of the wicked witches life, right from conception. Now I know why she is green and am not so afraid of her anymore. In fact you just fall in love with her character. It was so well written, the music was amazing. I hope to see it again someday with Brian.

We had a girls weekend in Oregon a couple of weekends ago. Jill and Audrey and our family had so much fun on a road trip without boys.

The girls and I had fun baking cake and brownies for Uncle Todd. The girls love to decorate with balloons and streamers of course. His family came over and we celebrated 35 years for Todd.
(Camera issues....soo pixelated)

Quinn and Baylee following behind the rest of the girls. Jacki and Todd bought a house on five acres in Boring, Oregon. So if beautiful and relaxing is 'Boring' then we love it!

The girls went to Quinn's church. Ashlyn and Baylee weren't too sure about a different primary, I had to stay with them for a lil' while. After they realized they sang the same primary songs they did, then they were more comfortable...and I could sneak out.