Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Victoria, Canada-- August 11th-13th

                                                     In front of the Parliament Building.
                                          The kids loved swimming whenever they could.
                                    Courtney is aprehensive about Silver man.

                                                             Thumbs up!!!
                                                          Chicken fighting

                                              This McDonald's had aweosome chandelier's.

                                                            "A" for Ashlyn girl.

Parliament Building, Victoria BC

                                                           SO BIG!!!
                                                   Feeding the ducks her crackers.
                                                  Chase is reading the Great Gatsby right now :)

                                               My monkeys loved climbing this awesome tree.

                                         The peacock feather dropped front of us, so beautiful!

                                                             Beacon Hill Park.
                                                The Royal BC Museum....good times.
                                           Parliament Building. We got to go on a tour inside.

    We walked all over Victoria, a cold ice cream cone tasted so yummy. It better for $7 a cone.
                                                            Craigdarrough Castle
                                                          First time to Canada!!
                                                         Royal BC Museum was fantastic.