Monday, May 24, 2010

We took Jon to Vegas for his 30th birthday celebration. Our friends Jon and Shama helped us celebrate Jon's first trip to Las Vegas!

He wore his birthday t shirt on the first day, Diana made this for him. He loves Jeff Gordon and got a kick out of having his face on his shirt. :)

We celebrated his birtday dinner at Planet Hollywood. He enjoyed a huge plate of nachos.
I was very lucky to spend a little time with my family at the MGM grand. A fun coincidence for us all to be in Vegas.
My lovely Aunt Nancy and I. (She is my Mom's sister) Love her.
The boys hanging out on the Vegas strip.

We saw Nathan Burton's Comedy/Magic show. Johnny got an autographed DVD and picture with him.

Waiting for our dinner show at the Excalibur. The tournament of the Kings was incredible!!!

This is Jon's reaction to the announcement of his 30th birthday.
One of the knights...we cheered our Spain knight on to victory.
Heading back home!Viva Las Vegas.

First graders on wheels....Happy Birthday to my Baylee!

Dad joining in on the fun!
Emily, Baylee and Rochelle
Ashlyn and Caden skating...I'm sure these kids had sore too-shies from all of the tumbles.

Plenty o' cupcakes and rollerskating fun!

Celebrating Baylee's seven years of life!!!

My friend Diana made Baylee's cake and as you can see it is an amazing masterpiece of "Princess and the frog" her favorite movie. Thank you Diana for your love and talents.

Hello from the Baylee groupies, Shama is behind the camera.

Our little princess Baylee.
Sisters celebrate!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ashlyn and I went on a date Friday night. I love any opportunity to hear live music. Dawn Mitchelle was fabulous!

Sarah and Diana had their Mommy-daughter date also.
Dawn Mitchelle is in the middle :)
Ashlyn has been playing her CD everyday since the concert.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is Baylee getting her first basketball trophy. She was so excited to play this year and is just a little natural.

Sam and Baylee have been friends since the womb. They played on the same team and made sure to always pass the ball to each other! So cute!
I looked and looked for this picture of the Christensen kids and ours lined up in birth order from when they were little. No luck, but this is a pic from a recent hike. Boy have they grown up fast!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I had the opportunity to act and sing in a play on May 1st. It really was such a great experience that I will always remember and cherish.

These women that I met and grew to love were some of the best people on earth. The play was written by Mary Bell. It is called "Mothers and Sisters."
One of our girls loved coming to watch us rehearse. Courtney was my script coach. Thanks Courtney, I needed all the help that I could get.
Two of my sisters in the play: Emilee and my rival sister, Evie.
Here is the whole cast after the show. You were awesome ladies!!!

Birthday wishes and doggy kisses. It's all happening in the GARAGE!

Jacki and Brian prepared the best dinner for my birthday. Jacki's potato salad came to work with me every day this week. It was awesome!! Notice, how lovely and put together the house and these ladies look.
Then all of a sudden, the chill in the air brought our outdoor bar b que into the garage. Brian had the heaters In and the three dogs OUT!.
Good times! Don't look too closely at our garage, k. Focus on the food and faces please.
These are my favorite flowers in the world. Thank you for the hydrangeas Shama. They are beautiful.