Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Twilight Birthday Party...need we say more.

The surprise at the end of the night was watching the movie, Brian got his hands on a copy. The girls were thrilled.
Happy birthday Dear Courtney!

Add vampire teeth and fake blood, this is what you get!

Some vampire, the girls sure worked it.

No need for red eye correction for these pictures

All the fangs came out tonight...
I vant to suck your blood.

and claws too!

Vampire games...

This was the most fun game, we played a vampire taste test game. All of the different foods were red. Swedish fish, red hots, hot tamales, apples, jello, ketchup, tomatoes, red velvet cake, strawberries...The girls did a good job guessing.
We blind folded the girls, twirled them a time or two and they got to kiss Edward. They all got fairly close. Maddy won with "the perfect kiss" right on his lips!!

This poor pizza delivery guy didn't know he was going to be greeted by 10 screaming girls, oohing and ahhing over him. They all imagined he was Edward. The girls were inviting him in and he let them down with, "sorry girls, I have work to do."

This is as close to Edward as we got. He is now a fixture in Courtney's bedroom.
Audrey and Courtney

Twilight party decor

Frozen hearts

Everything red and black, apples, hearts and red roses!

Activity Day Girls

Last night Amy and I helped out with Activity Days for the girls in our ward. I had been wanting to make these fleece hats with my girls this winter and didn't get around to it. So, it was a good time to do it with all the girls. I think it was a good chance for the girls to try out a sewing machine. They even got to bedazzle them. They did a great job!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sisters Weekend!!!

We spent a weekend together having a blast in Oregon. It was Jacki's birthday to celebrate as well. Shopping, movies, dining and massages were our favorite. I hope we can do this more often. I am so lucky to have both of these girls in my life, I lcve you.

Courtney turns the big "10"

Azteca lost this year, it was probably time. We needed a change of scenery. Courtney loves to go somewhere where the staff sings to her. So, we called Olive Garden just to make sure that they could please our girl. I think they got the job done!

Courtney posing with her brother and sister at her 10th family birthday dinner at Olive Garden.

Courtney got to order off of the adult menu for her birthday. She chose wisely and ordered what Mom always gets, Manicotti!! Yummy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Puppy Love

I convinced my sister Jacki and brother-in-law, Todd to keep their Tobi dog for a week. We had so much fun with the dogs. I took them with me everywhere in my truck and spoiled them tons. The cousins had fun in the woods and found their favorite mud hole everyday. This is why they got up to two baths a day. Dawson missed snuggling Aunt Vicki, as you can see from the picture.

Ashlyn's Baptism

Ashlyn's baptism was beautiful! She had so many friends and family attend her baptism, she felt very loved on her special day. Aunt Jacki, Uncle Todd and cousin Quinn came up from Oregon. The group of kids are her siblings and friends that sang an "I am a child of God" medley during her baptism. It was very sweet. Thank you to everyone who showed their love to her in so many ways.

Some pictures from Ashlyn's baptism