Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tonight was the Open House for our friend Shama's Photgraphy business. The kids took great pride as the elevator operators, they did a great job!!

This is Shama! She welcomes you to

Brian announces the door prize winners and makes their night even better with awesome gift cards.

Courtney and Ashlyn LOVED their jobs tonight as the sweet elevator operators. Diana made their night when she gave the kids a $ tip. They had a blast going up and down and up and down...

Here is the Super Staff smiling with their cute shirts.
It was a beautiful night of delicious food, awesome photography and visiting with family and friends. Congratulations Shama...all your hard work and efforts really paid off tonight. You are an awesome friend and photographer.
The Anderson have loved being your practice subjects for many years.
Thank you for the memories that we have to enjoy for many, many years to come.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

YES!!!! Chase just made the basketball team at Ridgetop Junior High

We are so proud of Chase. He has been playing PeeWee basketball since he was about five years old. He loves to play and watch the game...actually ball was his first word. Ever since then he has just loved it! We are looking forward to a fun season with no injuries ;) Way to go bud, we love you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Skeleton parade.. The skeletons are out tonight, they march about the street. With bony bodies, bony heads and bony hands and feet.

I just can't believe how much candy these kids get in one night. We started out at our church for trunk or treat. Then a couple of hours trick or treating in our old neighborhood. The kids just love Halloween, I wonder why?
Chase was the scrumptious, tasty taco. Sorry, you may not have a bite.
Baby Boy Brian decided to break his Grandma's back this year.
I got to wear an awesome kimono straight from Japan. Melanie and her husband, Johvin have just moved here from Japan and let me borrow it. Lots of fun! Especially the red half lip thing.
My beautiful butterfly! She just had to have this awesome wig to finish it off. I think Courtney realized by the end of the night that they itch and had her fill of red wigs for the day.
Our smiling, buzzing bumblebee princess and all of her lovely locks. She insisted that my friend Shama come over and do her hair for the occasion. I think it looks adorable.
Baylee is our blonde Spanish Princess this year. She has the brown eyes working for her though. Something about little girls and princesses, they just love it! Don't they know they already are one everyday?
Baylee and her friends at school.
Ashlyn and her great friend Autumn are twin buzzer bees this year.
Pumpkin carving at the Anderson house was a big treat when Brian brought home a 94 pound pumpkin on Halloween morning.
So, he got the honors of carving the Jack-O-Lantern himself.
An Anderson tradition that started some odd years ago...yes we get our heads dunked in a giant pumpkin seed bowl. It's a great facial, leaves your skin feeling so smooth and moisturized. You should try it. Enjoy the slimy, pumpkin seed faces. Lots of laughs.

Chase had stipulations this year... My shower cap!! He would only participate in our silly Halloween tradition if his beautiful hair (his words)would not suffer from the pumpkin juices. Almost a teenager, can't you tell?

Rascal Flatts were in town on October 29th at the Tacoma dome. What a concert they put on! We enjoyed a double date with Melanie and Johvin.

Opening up for them was the amazing Darius Rucker. Anyone remember Hootie and the Blowfish. Well Darius has gone country now and he has some great songs out there.
Chase got into the spirit this year at his junior hight for spirit day. All of the seventh graders wear red and for Chase this included his hair and face. You can't see it but he's wearing red, women's skinny jeans also.

He has one more day of basketball try outs tomorrow and we find out if he makes the team. Good luck to you Chase. He has been playing since he was a little squirt and absolutely loves it. He asks us to take him to the church in the winter months to shoot around. I'll keep you posted...

I hope all of our friends and family enjoy a healthy November. This flu mania is horrible. All of my love to you.