Thursday, June 18, 2009

Field Day!

Let's fly and jump for joy!
Tug of War...girls vs. boys. Of course the girl power pulled through.
Courtney and her friend, Julia.
Looks like Chase wanted to get especially wet to me, eh.
Then he comes to Mom asking to go home and get a dry shirt...don't think so dude, it will dry.
Brian and I knew this day was coming, of course. It just doesn't seem like he was starting Kindergarten, not too long ago. As Chase is our oldest sometimes it just hits us how very fast their little lives are passing by.

The kids seem to love their school and have had great teachers over the years, as well as friends. Mrs. T.P (Tate-Phillips) has been able to teach all of our kiddos Kindergarten, we just love her.

We are so proud of Chase as he moves into a new part of his life. He is turning into a great young man who is admired by his friends, as well as his little buddies too. I always think that he misses not having a brother and really loves spending time with all kids.

Keep up the Great Work Chase!
This is Chase's sixth grade class smiling for their good bye picture.

Chase receives his graduation certificate from his teacher, Mrs. Argyle. He was able to attend all 7 years at Silver Ridge Elementary and leaves his sisters behind for more years to come.

Way to go Chase!! We are proud of our boy...can't believe he is going to Junior High next year.

Chase and Haley
Chase and some sixth grade buddies.
Madison, Chase and Haley smile for the camera.

School's Out!!! June 18, 2009

The bubbles tradition continues on...
The man on the left is our school's principal, Steve Anderson. This is his last school day as he heads for retirement. We will all miss him!
The teacher's dance the can can and wave good bye to the students.

Chase says good bye to his elementary years at Silver Ridge...on to Junior High!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How I made my Growth Chart! After searching the web for growth charts and finding that they go up to 5 feet and are pricey, I decided to make one.

I got a 5" wide primed piece of wood from Lowe's (only $5.00) Scrap book paper, tape measure, stickers, embellishments, paint and modge podge.
I painted first and then used a grocery bag for the black splotches.
The scrap book paper needed some extra help staying down.
You can draw on your own measuring tape, I just glued one on. Works for me!
It's coming along now.
Here is the growth chart in four pieces, so you can get a closer look.
It says, "Joy is a flower that blooms when you do" and "It's the little Moments that make life big!"
It goes up to 6'8". Ok Chase, keep growing bud! The last step is to put modge podge over the whole thing, this will keep pieces from ripping off easily. I love it! I'm so glad I made this for my family before they are all full grown. If you move, just take it with you to your next house.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dental work bites

I am home now, thank goodness. Out of the dentist's chair where I lay for an hour and a half this morning. The right side of my face is still numb...from my lips, to my gums, teeth, tongue and down my neck actually. How could getting a filling be such torture. It was a back molar, if that makes any difference.

So, I brought Baylee with me who is an amazing patient there. It probably wasn't the best idea after all. The first half an hour she spent writing her numbers to 112 and then got a little bored. Seeing Mom's need for a hand to hold, she made her way up to me and held my hand the rest of the time. It actually brought me comfort even in its smallness.

The dentist, his assistant and I were having a great time...chatting, analyzing the Beattles song "Hey, Jude," that was playing on their radio. It's an Amazing song. I got them in the know about the two minute ending. You know the Na, na na na na na na. Well it just seems like the song will never, ever end and I just politely skip to the next song when its playing on my ipod.

Maybe its just been too many years since I have had a filing, but WOW I was not liking it. They seemed to take so long, first they numbed it and them came the anesthetic, it was close to the pain of an epidural really. (Yes, I am comparing this to child birth) It was a sharp pain that lasted two minutes and then it just kept getting worse.

At this point I couldn't talk, just when the dentist said something really interesting. We've all been there in the chair. When you so badly want to respond, but 'uh uh' is all that can come out. So you just agree with everything they are saying as they continue to put saliva suckers in your cheeks and under your tongue.

My mouth can only stand being open for so long. Especially while their hands are in their moving stuff around. They inserted some kind of clamping bar that goes around the tooth. Then the assistant gets me a mirror for me to look at my self. What was I going to say...their was gauze rolls and a big metal tool sticking out of my mouth, while drool crept down the other corner.

'Uuuu' is all that would come out and giggles is all I could hear in the room. Even Baylee thought I looked pretty funny. So, back to work they go prodding, pinching... uncomfortable to say the least. When all of a sudden something metal feeling pops open and hits my top teeth. Ouch.

So after getting the words HELP out...grabbing on to my dentist's arm and moaning even louder, they all thought it was hilarious I guess. All they could do is laugh and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Well after comments that sneaked out like, I'm scared, I don't like this, can I drive today? What are you guys doing in there? I can't blame them.

At this point I was thinking I didn't mind the cavity so much and please let this be over right now. Baylee never let go of my hand and told me later that I was a little bit of a good patient. So honest of her.

Almost three hours later and yep still numb, with a headache on one side of my head. My best advice to all, keep brushing, flossing, fluoride treatments, mouth wash...all the preventative dental care goods you can get your hands on. No body wants to get a cavity. Trust me.