Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010

I thought it would be easiest to write down some cool memories from our trip on my blog. So, if you are interested you are welcome to read on...I want to remember what our family did this Spring Break 2010. We have been in Florida since Wednesday night. I was told that we have online access on the ship, so I hope that is true. We have been hanging out in the sunshine. Yesterday, the kids swam for three hours at the hotel pool. Which turned into pink shoulders, noses and cheeks. But backup, the ride from Orlando to Cape Canaveral was an awesome surprise limo ride for the kids. They always say that they want to ride in a limo someday...well that day arrived and conquered all. Our limo driver was most cool and stopped at McDonalds for lunch. We ate in the limo and had the best time watching tv and listening to music. Courtney thought it was great to wave to people along the highway.
We have finally adapted to the three hour time change. Just in time to get up in the morning and head to our 7 day cruise of the Caribbean on our Disney Cruise. We are spending the time with my sister Jacki's family, Nana and Steve. We are ready to wear our adorable Disney Cruise T-shirts that say "Yo Ho, you ho a Disney Cruise for me." (Thanks Diana)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chase says farewell to his basketball team and hello to our Disney Cruise!!!

This team is amazing! They are now 11-0 and in the play-offs. Chase will miss the next two games, we are hopeful that they will take first place. The coaches had a pizza party for Chase to say goodbye. It was soooo thoughtful and meant a lot to Chase and us. The coaches and his team mates all said a little something to him (very sweet).
The boys hanging out and waiting for their food.

Chase and Coach John Hudson

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brian had a wonderful birthday weekend, doing what he loves most!!

Happy Birthday Brian!!! 38 candles on his cake this year. One powerful blow and they were out.
Brian came home from a church basketball game wearing this uniform from the early 80's. It was quite the sight, as you can see. He has been getting lots of laughs for this white and tight number.
Brian bought me an electric guitar...we are having fun pretending that we are rock stars!!
Baylee falls asleep with Alison's dog, Taylor.
The girls planned a wedding for Dawson to marry Alison's female dog, Taylor. The night before they had printed everyone invitations that read, "Dawson and Taylor Wedding...You are invited to a wonderful event. It's Dawson and Taylor's wedding day!! The dog's will be dressed nice so you should to and get ready for some fun. There will be refreshmints at the wedding. Time and place: on the hike at 2:30 on Sat. and you will see what happens. What presents to being, chew toy's, bone's or dog treat's. We will see you there." Courtney married them, they licked and we pronounced them Mr. and Mrs. Dawson Anderson till death do they part. It was adorable.
We hiked the Clear Creek Trail yesterday. Johvin, Melanie & Alison (Brian's fav cousins) joined us. Keeping up with the four doggies made it fun!! Dutch is hiding in this picture.