Friday, May 29, 2009

Grand Canyon National Park

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The Grand Canyon Wedding

We hiked down on the S. Kaibab trail into the Grand Canyon. It is truly a beautiful place. Brian's Mom and Dad are avid hikers. They especially love the canyon and find time to go there a couple times a year. After 28 years, they decided to tie the knot. So yes, we all would go to the ends of the earth to be with them. It kind of felt like we did actually.

It was beautiful! Her good friend Peggy married them. Chase was the ring bearer, the girls were the adorable flower girls, I was honored to sing, Brian read a poem, friends and family were with them for this special day. Judy's friend Sonny made her dress to match Don's shirt and Peggy's scarf...a cute yellow and green tie die. Judy's something blue were her peace earrings. Sunflowers, hiking boots and pound cake for dessert at the Canteen in Phantom Ranch. It was unique and lovely.
A wedding to remember forever.

Here are a few pictures that I took for you to enjoy!!
Congratulations Judy and Don.
We love you!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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After leaving the Grand Canyon we got to my Mom's house. She had invited over Vicki, Nicole, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Larry, Aunt Lorraine, Cousin Justin and his girlfriend. It was great to see everyone. Nana and Steve made a great b-bque chicken feast.

Nicole brought her coloring books and pencils for the sweet of her.
Yeah...for Nana's house. The girls love Nana's high heel shoes. They must have tried on 20 pairs.
My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Larry came over to visit us from New River, AZ. It is always so good to see them.
One of my favorite cousin's--Justin :)
We got Haley a birthday gift from Disneyland. She turned 11 on May 19th. Happy Birthday Haley!!
We sang happy birthday to Haley and Baylee.

Chase loves his cousins Austin and Brody, especially wrestling around...
More wrestling...get him Brody.

We spent Memorial Day at the Kearsley's house with my Dad and lots of awesome cousins

The kids had a big wrestling match on the giant bean bag.
My cousin Ang's kitchen--thanks for the yummy food and for sharing your beautiful home with us.
My cousin Kim, Austin and I enjoying the theatre room.
Little Rascals on the big screen, pretty comfy stuff!!
My cousin Krista, Bob and Jackson. Krista is due in a week with a little girl. We are so excited for them.
Nicole and Vicki
The kids posing in the Phoenix heat!
Haley, Vicki and Monica (we missed our sister Jacki)
Dad spending time with his girls

We were lucky to get together for a short while with my best friend Mya. We have been friends for over 20 years now.

Tania and Kaeli making fun sounds for Sadie :)
Gloria and Lynn (Our Mommy's)
Cassidy and Ashlyn Even more amazing we both have four children who are the same gender and age. Cassidy and Ashlyn are only two days apart and both happen to be vegetarian. Now that is crazy!!
Cydney and Baylee
Courtney and Kaeli
Mason and Chase
The whole gang and Tania & Lashley's baby Sadie
Monica and Mya

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It was an awesome birthday weekend!

This is my surprise reaction to Shama's spa birthday get-a-way. We left for Alderbrook Resort after the party. I'll post pics soon. It was very relaxing.

Ahhhh...what a fun party. Brian and the kids even decorated with rock 'n roll records and a who knows me best game, Shama called 'Monica Jeopardy'. Lots of fun!

I loved my 35th birthday! Brian invited our friends to Island Lake park for hambugers and hotdogs. Thank you honey, it was very sweet of you.

The grill king.

My girlfriends are the very best: Sharla, Shama, Jill and Diana

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Tribute to Mom...

I went to youth group with Chase tonight. All of the boys' mother's were invited, but I didn't really know what was going on. I even didn't get the dinner part, so I had already fed the family. Every year the Young Men make a dinner for their Mom's the activity day before Mother's Day. This is a tradition that I now know about.

It was very sweet! There was music playing, decorations, "Tribute to Mom" written on the chalk board and a yummy dinner planned. We had salad, rolls, lasagna and ice cream for dessert. I will look forward to this tradition for the next six years.

There was quotes on Mother's given and conversation about what we admired most about our own mother's. Then each of the boys had written a letter for us. They read it in front of the group. We were all supposed to guess which boy wrote it. I anxiously waited for Chase's to be read and knew that I would recogize his words to me quickly. I knew it was his letter when I heard shepard's pie mentioned. This is his favorite food that I make. I loved my letter from my boy and I actually couldn't focus to hear any of the other read after my letter.

This is what he wrote for me:

Dear Mom,
I have enjoyed being your son for the last 12 years. These are a few reasons. You have always been someone I can talk to, you always listen and don't judge me. You will drive me anywhere, buy me stuff, such as video games. I love to smell the sweet smell of your famous shepard's pie.
You are the most loving, caring, gentle, awesome, beautiful! Mom ever and I love you for that. When I grow old and sometimes forget the good times we had when I was young and I hope that it never goes away.

Very Much LOVE,