Saturday, September 26, 2009

I was able to meet my sister Jacki and Quinn in Phoenix, last weekend. We had a great time together visiting our Mom, Dad, sisters and cousins.

Steve was giving us a tour of his house, it is beautiful!AKA, the model home.

This is a picture taken at my Mom's house before we went to the play, "Peter Pan."
My cousin's little girl Payton played one of the lost boys and did a fabulous job!
My cousin Angela made the most superb dutch oven dinner for us. I could go on and on about this mouthwatering feast.
I love my cousins. Kim, Ang, Monica, my Lil sis Jacki and Krista. It's always nice to spend time together.
We did a walk in Scottsdale, AZ for Hope Kids. It was my first walk for a great cause.
Jacki and I after the walk; wow is it ever hot in Arizona. It was all worth it for the sweet lil Trey. He is Steve's grandson and the son of Mike and Cami.

This is Cami pushing Trey. To see more about Trey you can visit the most beautiful blogspot that is so endearing to their journey.
John has started to teach Mason to play the guitar.
It was so good to see Lynn and Jess, they are like my second parents.
Mya, Monica and Sherry enjoying Olive Garden and playing catching up...
I was fourth in line this morning to have my hair dried and styled by Tania. What a doll!
This brownish water is a detoxification system that is supposed to help take the bad stuff out of you. My color indicated joint and gallbladder trouble. Yikes!
Sadie and Tania
I visited my high school for kicks with my friend Sonja. It was amazing that the same basketball and volleyball coach were still there. It made me feel a little younger :)I graduated in 1992.
Eating out again at Mama Louise's with Don and Judy.
I enjoyed a visit to the University of Arizona, where I went to school many years ago. This is Brian's Mom, Judy showing me her office at the college of Nursing where she is a professor. I got the grand tour!!
Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches were a tradition growing up. Dad hooked us up everynight with one.
The little gang.
My Dad showed me the country club where he enjoys lots of golf in his retirement. Here's Dad showing off his big muscles.
I am only a golf model in this picture. I really wanted to smack it!
The sisters: Monica, Haley and Jacki. Cute Quinn joined in for the love.
I had so much fun in the hot tub with my niece Quinn, we could have played in their all night until our fingers and toes were prunes.

Friday, September 18, 2009

We had another great year at the Puyallup Fair! We have made it a tradition with our friends, the Bartletts. The kids really look forward to it!!

Doin' the Puyallup!
All of the kids got a soft animal to bring home this year. We got real lucky this year with fair games, a definite first.
Jon, Shama, Monica and Brian
The Bartlett family minus their newborn baby Danali. Grandma kept her home where it's much less loud and dirty.

Lots of fun and games...

3..2..1...Who can pop the balloon first?? Courtney got it :)
We always try to make a shot actually go in at the fair. It has just never happened...
UNTIL TODAY! Chase got it in on the second shot. I screamed and he collected this giant Husky dog. He was so happy. He carried it with pride on his shoulders the rest of the night.
A perfect OVAL!
The husky dog now hangs out in his room!

The Papa's
I see you too.
The Mama's

Baylee and Caden's first date. He's letting her drive too!
Baylee is blowing kisses as she goes around and around.
Courtney bought this red, wooden rose to go in her Twilight room. They even sprayed it with a rose scent. Mmmmm
Jon picked up as many kiddos as he could. Chase is the monkey on his back.

Ella was scared to go on the swings, but got the courage when Ashlyn asked her to go with her. Very sweet!
Ma and Pa

Friday, September 11, 2009

We spent Labor Day weekend camping with the Gardners at the lovely Lake Cushman.

Love this picture of us.

It's not rough camping, that's for sure. The boys enjoy a computer game during the rain.
The girls worked on a puzzle...
And we finished!