Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland...

The kids love the snow! Baylee, not so much. She wants to stay in where its warm. Chase, Courtney and Ashlyn go out for many hours a day. They usually come in when they get too cold...warm up with food and hot cocoa and they are out again. My job is to throw the wet snow clothes in the dryer, so they are ready for their next adventurous games, they call "King of the hill" and "Fort building" that involves snowball fights of course.

Anderson Chrismas festivites

We have had lots of hot cocoa, babies to kiss on, Christmas parties with friends, cookies, gingerbread house to snack off of (when no one is looking), healthy children, wonderful family and friends, Christmas music all day long, presents under the tree and more snow than we know what to do with. We have been blessed this year!

Hanging out with my cousin RL and his family last weekend

Chase is ordained a deacon

On December 14th, Chase received the Aaronic priesthood from Brian. This was a big day for Chase and for us too. We want to especially thank my cousin RL and his wife JoAnne and baby Maeli for coming up from Eugene, Oregon. It meant a lot to Brian and I, and especially Chase. A lot of special people in Chase's life were able to stand in the circle. So thank you, Jon Bartlett, Ralph and Noah Knight, Matt Dean, Bill Mackley, Ted Rought, Russ Kent, Adam Halliburton, Desmond Carlisle, Dave Lewis and RL Widmer.

A visit with Santa Claus!!

The kiddos got to sit on Santa's lap at our Ward Christmas party. Ashlyn wouldn't put Ella down and so she gets to share her picture.

The "Stars" Volleyball team

I have so loved playing volleyball this year! We started practicing in September and just finished up our season in December. We played against a lot of other military teams and loved the competition. Thanks to our family and friends support and coming out to watch us play. Whether you cheered for the "Rock Stars or for the "All-Stars." We appreciated it. This picture doesn't include two of our other players, Danae and Jen. I feel like I learned so much this season and practice at any age does "pay off." Thanks for all the memories ladies!

Feliz Cumpleanos Amigo

Chase's Birthday Party at the pool

Chase had two of his buddies join our family for his 12th birthday, including Grandma and Grandpa. Chase loves swimming and enjoys taking a diving class during the summer time. It was a fun day of swimming, dinner out at Azteca, dancing and of course, xbox live. The boys played into the late hours and stayed over for a sleepover.

Look closely at this picture... I'm thinking that these girls were staying as far away from Brian as possible. What do you think??? (Thank goodness I put my foot down to "No Speedo" today)

Bainbridge Island Aquatics Center

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ashlyn's thoughts on snow days

I can’t wait until snow comes. I love going sledding and riding on a sled. We are going to have so much fun. My mom always makes hot cocoa for us when we come inside. It makes me feel warm inside. Whenever it snows it is like feathers coming down from the sky. I always make snowmen. First I get a little ball and roll it around in the snow. When I’m done I make two more balls. The bottom one is the biggest one. The middle one is medium the top one is the smallest of all. I love snow because it always makes me feel happy when I go in the snow because I love being happy and snow is fluffy, puffy and soft. I love snow!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm job is having a good time!

"What other people find in poetry or art museums, I find in the flight of a good drive." ~Arnold Palmer
I am so glad that my dad has been able to enjoy lots of golfing, since he retired two years ago. He tells me he gets to the 49ers Country Club 3 to 4 days a week. It's one of his biggest loves, along with Arizona Wildcat basketball and football games.
I remember many golf trips with my dad and sisters when I was a young girl. Now, Haley has been able to go along golfing several times and is getting pretty good at driving a golf cart, I hear. Dad, you deserve this wonderful retired life. We look forward to every trip we get to spend time with you. You are so special to our family, words can't say how much we love you!!

Dad's favorite --- the 13th hole!!!

There are two things you can do with your head golf and pray

The beautiful 49ers Country Club Golf Course in Tucson, Arizona

Haley on the golf course

"Give me the fresh air, a beautiful daughter and a nice round of golf; and you can keep the fresh air and the round of golf"

Enjoying the Pro Shop, swimming pool and weight room