Friday, December 11, 2009

Courtntey's Christmas band concert was very sweet...she's coming along on her clarinet this year. These are her friend's Kidd and Julia smiling for the love.
The concert is at the Junior High's the whole 5th grade band.
Yeah...for bowling!
Melanie joined in on the fun!!!
Yummy pizza dinner at the Bangor bowling alley. We had the place to ourselves. They have new couches and fun music.
So of course, we acted like we were in the privacy of our own home.
Go Courtney!!
Chase is modeling for the new couch comfort.
Jumping high and..
flying higher!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Ridgetop J.H. Home Game Vs. Cedar Heights

This is the only picture that I could get out of Chase after his game.
Go Raiders!!!!!

It's a time out. Chase is number 1 sitting on the bench.
Baylee like to keep her own score.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It was a full day of Christmas fun on Saturday...

We started the morning with a scrumptious Santa Breakfast. The kids got their pictures with Santa, we enjoyed live music and gifts from Santa. We have been so lucky that our realtor, Molly Ells invites us to her annual party.

This Santa coming down the chimney scares Baylee. She would not agree to a picture.
This year our cousins Melanie and Johvin moved here from Japan. We referred them to Molly and they bought their first house out in Seabeck. It is an amazing house with breathtaking views. We had fun trying our luck at the Christmas history quiz. No luck with a win from our table...but it was good to visit and eat yummies.
Our next adventure was tree shopping, we were off to find our favorite Christmas tree. We are enjoying the beautiful smell of our Douglas Fir. The kids decorated with so many ornaments, I just hope he makes it till Christmas.

FYI: this perfectly dressed, 13 foot tree in the picture is from the Rolling Hills Golf Course Club House where we enjoyed the party. I'll post ours soon.

The Gardner 3rd annual White Elephant Christmas Exchange

Here is the gorgeous, garnished Gardner Christmas tree. The White elephant gifts wrapped and bagged, just waiting for a party exchange. The kids went first and weren't shy about stealing the gift they wanted on their turn.
Apollo boy was loving his cupcake. I just love this picture of him enjoying every lick of frosting.
All of the kids got a picture with the adorable gingerbread man they name Gingie. so cute!!!
The kids were having way much fun in Sarah's room...if you couldn't tell from this picture.
All of the cupcakes were gobbled up in no time, including the cute "gingie" decorated ones.

Thanks for a fun-filled evening Diana and Steve. You are wonderful hosts and kicked off this holiday style in the spirit of giving.

Chase's Birthday Party

We started the night off with some dancing and a some special dancing from Johnny boy. Boy does he have the moves!
Thirteen candles on his ice cream cake!
Here's the whole gang, minus our lovely photographer Diana. Yes, that is Melanie behind my big head. Dawson got his head in there too.

Chase got some amazing gifts from family and friends. Thank you everyone :) This one is from Baylee, she saved up her money.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our boy turns into a teenager...

It was on December 4 1996 that our first born son arrived at 8 pounds, 4 ounces. He came one week early. Brian and I were at a U of A basketball game the night before his birth. I remember parking too far away from Mckale center in my condition. The walk back seemed like five miles...this might have been what sent me into labor in the middle of the night.

We were the proud parents of our little guy, Chase Evan. He was so tiny and he was all ours. I have thought about that day a lot over the last week as I anticipated Chase's 13th birthday. The years have gone by too quickly, I have enjoyed every minute of all of them. I appreciate Chase for so many of his ways and gifts.

He is first and formost very loving to his friends and family. He has that ability to read people too well, just like his Dad. I can always count on Chase to tell me a story from something that happened at school and no one else can get a word in
otherwise. He is a great example to younger boys and loves to play and spend time with them. (Like the brother that he never had) He's close with his sisters and of course teases them from time to time. He is a great student and loves going to school. He must blow dry his 'beautiful' hair every morning. He texts like crazy fingers to make the time pass. He loves steak and gives me the biggest hug for his favorite dinner, Shepard's pie. He will stick up for what he believes is right. He looks up the temperature for the upcoming day and plans his outfits accordingly. He loves his XBox when he has a friend over to play with him or Dad of course. He wears his pajama bottoms inside out in the winter, hoping for snowfall that night. He likes to have fun and still amuses his sisters as the Dad and plays house. He is drawn to babies and will find one and ask to hold him/her when he can. He has ambitions to go to college and serve a mission. He is of course stinkin adorable, I can say that right. He says amazing prayers and is so thankful. He still tries to beat me in a good match of arm will be here soon. He loves playing sports, right now it's for his J.H. basketball team. I am thankful for the opportunity and priveledge that Heavenly Father has blessed us with to raise a son. It brings me such joy.

Happy Birthday to our now teenager. Your Mom and Dad love you soooo much. You have made us so proud of you.