Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Doing the Puyallup Fair!!!

Chase shooting hoops.
The girls enjoyed lots of rides together.

Melanie and her precious baby boy joined us at the fair.

Theron's first trip to the Puyallup Fair-3 weeks old.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lady Antebellum Concert!!! Here I come.

Yes! I'm going to see them in October. I am so stinkin' excited to hear them live. I listen to their music daily, so since I know all the words to their songs I could easily be a back up singer, right? Back up singers can't sit in the last row with a purchase of two tickets, so I just bought one and got a decent seat. Finding country fans around here doesn't come easy. When I told my two friends about about the concert, who have heard their music...I found out they won't be able to come.

Then, I started thinking it wouldn't be too safe for me to be in downtown Seattle alone, especially after the show. As soon as I started having regrets, I had the sweetest friend in the whole world come to my rescue. She told me she didn't have the money right now to come and I know she's not a country fan. She thought we could have dinner before the concert and she would drop me off and pick me up. She would find shopping nearby and have her little fun.
Yes! I suddently felt arms wrapped around me and I won't soon forget having someone, besides your family be so selfless. I learned a lesson about friendship...and putting others before yourself. Thank you, thank you. So I can not wait for the Lady Antebellum concert. If you haven't heard their music. Give it a try. They are awesome!! I am trying to convert my friends over to the country side of things.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our day hike at the base of Mount Rainier

This picture doesn't do Mount Rainier justice. It is so beautiful! I want to go back soon.
Here are the kids hiking with Grandma and Grandpa.
My kiddos..gotta love 'em!
My hubby...gotta love him too!
My little poser.
Just in case we meet new friends on the trail, Courtney wore her "My name is Courtney" sticker for all to see.
Ashlyn resting on the little bridge.
Get it?? This girl rocks :) :)

I have been pathetic...

It has been way too long since I have logged into my blogspot. I have missed blogging, but we have been having some computer issues over the last few months. I have tried to be patient. So I don't have any pictures to post today, but will post some soon. We had a fun-filled summer that kept us away from home a lot of the time. Our family camping trip to American Lake over the fourth of July week is a tradition that we look forward to. We even had an unexpectant visit from my cousin Tiffany and her adorable kids. I wish that we lived closer to them and am still hopeful for the day. (hint hint Tiff)

Brian and I had the opportunity to go on a Pioneer Trek in June. We were a Ma and Pa for our 6 amazing kids. We were the Can Can Company and with this name said we can do hard things. This was an experience that I will never forget and look forward to going again with our own kids. Girls camp was super fun too, I loved going up this year as a part of our stake YW presidency and having leaders cabin priveledges. Yes..more please to the chocolate covered gummi bears. I couldn't get enough of them. Chase and Brian spent a week at Boy Scout camp, where Chase was able to earn 6 merit badges. I am proud of him for that!! I took my girls to Oregon that week and we spent time with Jacki and Quinn (Todd too when he wan't working)...swimming, crafts, soccer games, back to school shopping (no tax :) and enjoying time with my Widmer, Arnell and Ricker Family. Wish we could bring them all to our town. They are the best!

I think that it was a successful summer for all of us with lots of visits from the people that we love most. Thanks for visiting us Mom, Steve, Dad, Haley, Lynn, Andy, Alexys, Thaya, Clara, Judy, and Don. We look forward to many more visits with you. We were able to climb Mount Rainier with Judy and Don. It was so beautiful and breath taking to look and and hike. We couldn't have picked a more perfect day and enjoyed a bed and breakfast that night. I believe that we checked off all of the summer events off that the kids wanted to do with each other, our family and friends.

We went to the Olympic Game farm, it's basically a drive through zoo that is specific to the North West with Grandpa and Haley, strawberry and raspberry pickin',trips to the library, Point no Point beach at least five times, miniature golfing, volleyball, lemonade stand, movies, semi-pro soccer games with Nana and Steve, Wild Waves water and theme park, swimming lessons, baby shower, hot tubbing, sleep overs with friends, skateland, Whaling Days race and parade,church activities and more that I know I'm forgetting.

The kids went back to school this year on September 1st. Chase started his second year of junior high and the girls are all at our elementary school. Baylee is in 2nd grade, Ashlyn is in 4th and Courtney is in 6th grade. It is Court's last year of elementary school and will join Chase for one year in junior high next school year. The kids are all growing up so fast! Courtney and Ashlyn are playing soccer right now and learning a lot. Baylee and Chase are taking swim lessons still and Ashlyn and Baylee have dance class too. I know it sounds like a lot, well it is a LOT,. I manage to get them all where they need to be and wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I am loving having our recent purchase, a GMC Denali to carry anything and everyone :)

On August 31st our cousin Melanie and Johvin had their beautiful baby boy! They named him Theron Anderson Perry and I was priveleged to help Melanie in labor and welcome Theron into the world. Melanie and Johvin are both dentists and so after 6 weeks Mel will go back to work and I am going to be Theron's second Mommy for a while. I'm going to take a little break from teaching to help them out. I am looking forward to it, as I LOVE babies. My kids are excited to get to see him during the week too.

So here we go into the new school year with excitement for good health, safety, good grades, sport craze and lots of Love....