Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanksgiving in Oregon....good company + good fun = great times

 Nursing time...Melanie and Joanne. What good lil' Mama's!
 Way to go hour doing dishes!
 Theron and Oscar's first Thanksgiving :)
 Brian finally got himself to be in the Oscar is our added addition :)
 Proud Papa Jay.
 Aunt Jacki is having another GIRL!  yeah....
 Getting in the Christmas Spirit!!

 Quinn, Baylee, Sawyer, Ashlyn, Courntey == cousins.
 Heather made these adorable hats for the girls....they just love them.  Thanks Heather!
 Dancing the night away....Jacki truly loved this moment.  Later she said it was the best dance of her life.  Right Jacki?
 Anderson and Dieringer girls.

Can you say "Black Friday"?

 The boys watched the Oregon  vs. Arizona football game and the kiddos while the girls shopped.  They were hooting and hollering and the Wildcats obviously lost.
 Chae, having some fun in Claire's...
 Todd was down,
 And Steve was up!
 Sawyer and Quinn finally got Chase pinned to the ground.
 Theron and Oscar, best buddies.
 Addilyn and Oscar, love birds.
 Our Thanksgiving Feast was delicious!!
 Take a look at the goods..mmmmm
For she's a jolly good fella!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Courtney's soccer team, aka 'Dynamite" won the Recreational Cup this weekend.

 Opening ceremonies...The team's lined up to begin the championship game.
 The team huddled and gave a cheer for a great game. Courtney is on far right side with the striped socks on.
 A little action shot!
 The girls won the game 2-0, they were so excited.  They each received a medal and a 'champion' purple shirt.  So the girls get to travel to Vancover in December to play more teams on a state level.
 A hand shake from her coach, Steve!
 This is a talented group of girls.  If you can't tell by the extra layers, it's about 38 degrees...snow started falling as the game was ending.  Good timing for all!!! BRRR
Great job Courtney!

Oh the things that boys do!

 Chase's Snow Angel.
 Freezing.....STRONG man!!!
Chase says this was the coldest thing he's ever done!! 

Our First Snow Day!!! The kids had so much fun together...

The start of a cold winter...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some of our October Fesivities...

 Getting my yearly pumpkin facial! 
 Dawson even joined in this year.
 Pushing Dad's head in is the BEST!

 Some of the kids finished Jack-O-Lanterns.
 Carving our pumpkins with love.
 Our family runs in the Silver Ridge's pumpkin's become a tradition for several years now.  If your lollipop has a sticker, then you win a pumpkin.  Courtney came in 20th place :)

This is picture before the Haunted House.  It scares me half to death every year.  Guys with chain saws were chasing me around the parking lot for several minutes...sorry no pic of this moment.