Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ashlyn turned 9 years old yesterday. Happy Birthday Ashlyn. We love you!!!

A big girl purse and wallet. Nothing like feeling grown up.
The kids all love giving each other gifts. Courtney got her a pack of gum, Chase wrote her the sweetest letter and gave her a dollar and Baylee saved three of her chore dollars for the dollar store. Here's the cute little froggie she bought her.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Disney we come!!!

We are going on a DISNEY CRUISE!!!

I can't believe that we are going to go on a DISNEY CRUISE!!! We are so excited for the day to come. My Mom was so gracious to plan and take us this March 27th. It was her amazing Christmas gift for her children and grandchildren. How could we ever repay her?? We all opened up a Disney shirt for Christmas and the girls got a headband for the fancy dinners. Nana took the girls shopping to pick out a beautiful dress for our dressy night. It's all that the kids can think of and love to look at pictures of the Disney ship. Seven days in the Caribbean sounds most amazing and a once in a lifetime experience for our family. We have never been to St. Maarteen and St. Thomas and can't wait for the breathtaking scenery. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Nana. It is going to be awesome. We love you too!!!

Happy New Year

The flannel kids group.
Can't say I know why Brian is pointing at my eye.
Chase, I wonder how many other mouths that has been in tonight. eeeh.
Speed scrabble fun.
Another decade is among us. Happy New Year to all our family and friends.

Ashlyn and Baylee's Christmas Dance Recital with Irene's School of Dance.

Great job girls!!! We loved watching you show off your hard work.

Zoo Lights, Tacoma, WA

Grandpa and Baylee at Zoo Lights
Camel rides!!

Fun with Grandma.
Thanks for our awesome University of Arizona shirts.
Shama gave the kids their nauhty/nice hot chocolate with whipped cream. They love them, of course. Thanks Shama.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some of our December fun!!!

Shama helped the kids make these water globes for each other for Christmas. Tinker Bell, Twilight, doggies and a Wii Controller. They are adorable.
This picture is our family's Grand Canyon shoes. We hiked down to the bottom in May and Diana surprised us with this memory. We all just love it.Click on it to read the saying.
The Girls became Jr. Park Rangers while we were at the Grand Canyon....Grandma got them lil T-Shirts and water bottles.
The Anticipation!
Dawson enjoyed his gift all day until it was shredded.
All the girls got a new pair of boots :)
Thank you for the gifts Grandma. We love you.
Our fun Grand Canyon mugs.
On Christmas Eve after we open our jammies and other festivities; I actually let the kids dance on the counter. It has become a tradition. They are sooo excited and I usually capture the sweetest pics of the kids with their happiest faces. After all, santa is on his way and they have to be extra nice.

We made and decorated sugar cookies for Santa. Here's Sam, Chase and Jared with their cute creations.
The girls took lots of time and made lots of Christmas cookes...yummy.
In mid-December we had the Horton's visit us. We had such a great time with Apryl, Tim and their boys Chance and Luke.
Of course we did some train rides. The kids bundle up and off they go...
Tim and Apryl enjoyed snuggle time with the animals every morning.
The King and Queen open their gifts from us.
My girls doted all over they are putting on his shoes.
Ashlyn posses with her friends after her school Christmas choir concert.